Enhancing Moodle

Free the power of
parental engagement!



ZiLink Homework – simple and powerful!

Tom Sherrington’s interpretation of research undertaken by John  Hattie suggests that short, frequent homeworks closely monitored by teachers could improve the rate of learning by 15%. In other words, advancing a child’s learning by about one year. ZiLink Homework helps teachers create and organise homeworks in Moodle, aids students in their time management and enables parents to support their child’s learning. Read more …

Organising parent evenings is a snap!

Organising a Parent Evening can be an administrative nightmare taking many hours to put together. It’s often costly and prone to error. ZiLink Scheduler organises a parent evening with just a few clicks. Parents can book appointments online and teachers can manage their schedule. Using data from your school MIS, ZiLink Scheduler is easy to setup and use for everyone. Read more …

Engage parents with Guardian View

75% of parents feel that it is extremely important to help with their child’s homework but 32% help their children with their homework every time and a further 26% do so most times. ZiLink enables a school to engage with parents more fully ensuring they have information about homework, achievement, progress and can support their child’s learning more easily.

Student View informs students

Students also want to be informed about their progress and engaged with their learning. ZiLink Student View presents information in a clear, uncluttered way so that each students understands what they have achieved, their progress and their attendance record.

ZiLink will add a new dimension to the way you think about and use Moodle. Are you ready?

Simplify Moodle Administration

ZiLink uses data from your school MIS to automatically create and maintain courses, cohorts and enrolments freeing your teachers from administering courses so they can focus entirely on creating resources and activities to engage students.

Cool Course Navigation

Everyone is familiar with a school timetable – ZiLink enables your teachers and students to navigate their courses simply and easily using ZiLink Timetable. Plus, add an alternative navigation method – Icon Navigation enables user to navigate their courses via your own icons.

Easy Room Booking

In just 4 clicks, ZiLink Room Booking enables teachers to move their class from their usual teaching base to another learning space such as an IT Suite and the room change is displayed and highlighted in both student and teacher timetables – parents can see room changes as well.