What is ZiLink?

ZiLink transforms and enhances Moodle for UK schools and academies by integrating data from the school/academy Management Information System (MIS). Its primary focus is to have a positive impact on a child’s learning by adding and integrating a comprehensive set of tools for Moodle Administrators, Teachers and Parents.

ZiLink comprises the following:

  • Seven ZiLink Moodle Plugins;
  • ZiNET Connect.

The Moodle Plugins are available from the links below or the Moodle Plugins Directory at https://moodle.org/plugins/browse.php?list=set&id=64.

ZiLink requires all of the plugins to be installed. They will not work individually. ZiLink also requires data from ZiNET Connect which is offered as a subscription  – more details at our Subscriptions page or contact SchoolsICT, telephone 0330 223 1050 or e-mail sales@schoolsict.net.

Key Elements

* Currently in beta
Guardian ViewClass ViewStudent ViewAutomated Category & Course Creation
Automated Cohort CreationAutomated Enrolment MaintenanceStudent AppointmentGuardian Scheduler*
Homework ManagementStudent and teacher TimetablesRoom Booking SystemIcon Navigation
School PictureTimetable WeekLinked CoursePaperCut

More about ZiLink

How does ZiLink help Schools and Academies?

The inclusion of ZiLink within your Moodle implementation enables the school/academy to engage parents in their child’s learning, place important attainment and progress data at their teacher’s fingertips and bring together the school, teaching and parental support with the objective of enhancing childrens’ learning.

How does ZiLink reduce Moodle administration?

  • ZiLink will automatically create and maintain courses, cohorts and enrolments based on data from the MIS. ZiLink will ensure that enrolments align with information in the MIS even when changes are made.
  • Administrators can add a range of ZiLink blocks that enhance their school’s implementation of Moodle to include user Timetables, Room Booking, School Photographs, PaperCut, Icon Navigation, Class View, Guardian View, Report Writer, Student Appointment, Student View, Timetable Week and Zimbra SSO.

Administrators can also create Moodle accounts for parents based on information from the MIS.

How does ZiLink support teachers?

  • Class View displays data from the school MIS for every student in every course. It will also calculate and display progress together with information from the Moodle Gradebook and each course where the student is enrolled. Ideal for class teachers and those with a pastoral role.
  • ZiLink Room Booking enables a teacher to reserve alternative teaching spaces such as IT Suites. Changes are displayed in student, teacher timetables and visible to parents in Guardian View.
  • Guardian Scheduler manages appointments with students and parents.
  • Teachers can identify Moodle activities and resources that they want to make available to parents so parents can support their child’s learning such as home study activities.
  • Teachers can create student reports subject to a work flow that are published to parents via Guardian View.

How does ZiLink help parents support their child’s learning?

  • Parents have direct access to their child’s information through Guardian View which is designed to enable parents to support their child’s learning.
  • Guardian View displays attainment, progress, attendance, behaviour, timetable, general information, Moodle activities/resources and data from the Moodle Gradebook for each course.
  • Parents can create an appointment with their child’s teacher(s) through Guardian Scheduler.
  • Parents can view reports written by teachers in Report Writer.

How does ZiLink aid students’ learning?

  • Student View makes important information about attainment, progress and attendance available within Moodle. Combined with Moodle Gradebook, students will gain a clear understanding of their progress and achievement.
  • Students can user their ZiLink Timetable to navigate their courses. The timetable can be displayed on its own page or above the Course Overview (theme permitting).
  • Room changes created with ZiLink Room Booking are highlighted in the ZiLink Timetable together with the new room location.
  • Students can use Icon Navigation to navigate their courses.
  • The PaperCut block will display information about their printing (requires PaperCut print management system).

Download ZiLink

ZiLink Knowledge Base

To explore detailed information about ZiLink, navigate to http://support.schoolsict.net and you will find more than 100 articles about how to use ZiLink and ZiNET Connect.

You can also access the demonstration site using login information for parents, teachers and students – full details are available.