Help! What's my homework?

ZiLink Homework is a new activity to help organise students, support parents and manage homework activities for teachers using Moodle.

Manage homework with ZiLink

One of those little known features of ZiLink is the ability to manage homework very simply and ensuring that both students and parents have direct access to the homework that has been set in Moodle.

Remove the organisational headache that Parent evenings present

Organising a Parent Evening for 80 teachers and over a 1,000 students and their parents is a mammoth undertaking! endless spreadsheets, chasing students, ad hoc appointments can all lead to a potentially chaotic evening that usually works out but the levels of stress involved are not pleasant.

ZiLink adds value to Moodle for teachers

ZiLink is not just about data integration between your school MIS and Moodle. ZiLink will do that of course but there is a much bigger picture that ZiLink can paint for you.