Linking Moodle with your MIS is now simple, robust and cost effective with ZiLink!

ZiLink ensures your school MIS and Moodle are completely synchronised using ZiNET Connect saving valuable time and increasing efficiency. Data interoperability between the school Management Information System (MIS) and Moodle is efficient, secure and reliable.

Using data from your school MIS ZiLink will create courses, create and maintain cohorts, groups and enrolments even if students are moved from one teaching group to another in your school MIS.

What is your Focus?

ZiLink is incredibly versatile and it will enhance your use of Moodle and transform it to become a key and indispensable addition to teaching and learning in your school or academy. We’ve listed below some of the key ZiLink features that support each Focus and will help you achieve what your school or academy needs to enhance student learning and progress.

ZiLink focusses on: