Remove the organisational headache that Parent evenings present

Organising a Parent Evening for 80 teachers and over a 1,000 students and their parents is a mammoth undertaking! Endless spreadsheets, chasing students, ad hoc appointments can all lead to a potentially chaotic evening that usually works out but the levels of stress involved are not pleasant.

Enter ZiLink Guardian Scheduler!

Very simple to use and immediately available to teachers and parents ensuring that everyone can meet with the minimum of fuss.

ZiLink integrates with your school MIS and uses that information to populate Guardian Scheduler behind the scenes. No data import files or csv files required.

Step One

A Moodle Administrator creates a Schedule and nothing could be simpler. They choose a start date/time, an end date/time and enter the length of the individual appointments.

Step Two

Parents select the teacher they want to see, time they need and click ‘Book’. They can only see appointments that are available so there is no chance of double-booking.

Step Three

Teachers visit their Schedule in Moodle and see all their appointments. They can change appointments and add their own.

Managing and administering a Parent Evening just couldn’t be easier.

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