• ZiLink Community Programme Launches!

    SchoolsICT are very pleased to launch the ZiLink Community Programme inviting schools and academies to realise the benefits of ZiLink enhancing their Moodle while, at the same time, keeping costs low. More details at www.zilink.co.uk/subscriptions.

  • ZiLink Homework Management

    ZiLink has always had the ability for teachers to identify a resource or activity as a homework so that it displays in Guardian View for parents and Student View for students. SchoolsICT have now created a new Moodle activity called ‘ZiLink Homework’ enabling teachers to pick the resources and activities to be included in the homework, monitor student progress in completing the homework and provide grades and feedback. Parents and students see a list of homeworks due, attempted or overdue together with dates so homeworks are organised for everyone.


  • ZiLink downloads reach over 700!

    ZiLink is moving from strength to strength reaching over 700 downloads from the Moodle Plugins Directory in the last four months!

  • Report Writer - Beta release

    Report Writer is now available for use as a beta release for schools to test. Report Writer enables schools to produce reports for parents that are published to parents via Guardian View.

  • Guardian Scheduler - Beta release

    Guardian Scheduler is now available as a beta release for schools to try. Although not a full release, it is fully functional enabling schools to create and manage schedules for events such as Parent Evenings removing an organisational headache. More at ‘Remove the organisational headache that parent evenings present‘.

  • ZiLink now available from the Moodle Plugins Directory

    June – SchoolsICT add ZiLink to the Moodle Plugins Directory so that schools have better access to the plugin and are automatically notified of updates. Powerful new features have been added  to create an extensive list including:

    Automated Enrolment Class View Guardian Scheduler Guardian View
    Icon Navigation Linked Course PaperCut Picture
    Report Writer Room Booking Student Appointment Student View
    Timetable Timetable Week

    ZiLink is now distributed as a set from https://moodle.org/plugins/browse.php?list=set&id=64.

  • SchoolsICT become Technical Integration Partner with Advanced Learning

    SchoolsICT become a leading Technical Integration Partner for Advanced Learning extending their previous partnership with Serco Learning and to include ZiNET Data Solutions, a subsidiary company specialising in innovative data integration.

  • ZiLink for Moodle 3.3 released

    ZiLink for Moodle version 3.3.0 released in March. All versions of ZiLink for Moodle are aligned with Moodle versions currently supported by Moodle. New features include contact priority now displayed in list of guardians, all Staff and Non Teacher Cohorts now available and improved cohort management.


  • ZiNET Connect extends the versatility of ZiLink

    ZiNET Connect, a new data extraction tool – easy to install and configure. Created ‘from-the-ground-up’, ZiNET Connect is the first of its kind to encompass simplicity of use, versatility in implementation and superb reliability of action. More at ZiNET Data Solutions. ZiLink now uses ZiNET Connect for all its integrations.

  • ZiLink for Moodle 3.0 released

    ZiLink for Moodle 3.0 released August, 2013. Easier configuration through a dedicated menu in Moodle, new online help system linked to our new Knowledge Base and tighter integration with ZiNET Connect from ZiNET Data Solutions

  • Move to Pearson SIF infrastructure

    All our ZiLink customers were moved to a new infrastructure managed by Pearsons in the summer to utilise a robust, enterprise level infrastructure.

  • SchoolsICT partner with Bromcom

    ZiLink for Moodle began to attract schools who use Bromcom Online as their school MIS. No other integration with Moodle exists and so we stepped up to the challenge and became a Bromcom Partner to begin our development of a new integration.

  • ZiNET Connect SIF launched

    Early versions of ZiNET Connect SIF replacing a third party product for data extraction proving more reliable and accurate in data transfer for our ZiLink integrations. Moving from third party software has vastly improved reliability and access to data.

  • BETT Awards Finalist with ZiLink for Moodle 2.0 launch

    BETT Show 2013 – SchoolsICT BETT Awards Finalist. ZiLink for Moodle 2.0 launched at BETT. Three differentiated products. ZiLink for Moodle providing integration, ZiLink Timetable and ZiLink Room Booking. ZiLink for Moodle Assist including ZiLink for Moodle and Class View. ZiLink for Moodle Engage including Assist and Guardian View for parents and online reporting.


  • ZiLink supports Moodle 2.3

    ZiLink for Moodle 1.7 released in August with support for Moodle 2.3.

  • SchoolsICT become a Capita SIMS Partner

    To extend the quality of data transfer SchoolsICT become a Capita Partner for SIMS.Net. This enabled the us develop our own data extraction tool rather than using a tool supplied by a third party bringing grater control and enhancing our support.

  • SchoolsICT partner with Serco Learning

    In the Spring SchoolsICT partnered with Serco Learning, a major MIS supplier of Facility MIS to schools extending the development of ZiLink. Serco Learning was purchased by Advanced Computer Software and the partnership has evolved with SchoolsICT being leading Technical Integration Partners for Advanced Learning.

  • ZiLink Gold and Platinum released

    ZiLink for Moodle now in two versions – ZiLink for Moodle Gold and ZiLink for Moodle Platinum. Customers of Gold enjoy basic integration while Platinum is a full featured product.

  • ZiLink 1.5 - Account Matching added

    ZiLink version 1.5 includes a simple but powerful way of ensuring that your SIMS records match with the Moodle accounts and are correctly linked together with ZiLink Account Matching. ZiLink Guardian Access for parental access extends online reporting.


  • Moodle Cohorts leveraged

    Moodle Cohorts leveraged by ZiLink for Moodle creating new ways to maintain and extend the use of Moodle features such as Groups and Groupings.

  • ZiLink readied for Moodle 2.x

    ZiLink for Moodle following a technical re-design and re-write now ready to support Moodle 2.x early 2011. New release structure by Moodle enables SchoolsICT to test ZiLink for Moodle with every release giving our users confidence that ZiLink will always be supported and maintained.


  • SchoolsICT join SIF Association

    Early in 2010 SchoolsICT joined the Systems Interoperability Framework Association (SIFA) in the UK. SIFA maintains a standard by which data is transferred between applications. Jeremy is a UK Management Board member. As Co-Lead of the International Technical Board and a member of the UK Technical Board, Ian is recognised as a leader in this field both nationally and internationally.

  • More ZiLink functionality

    Additional features added to the functionality of ZiLink for Moodle in the later 1.x versions of ZiLink for Moodle.

  • ZiLink v1.0 released

    ZiLink version 1.0 and ZiLink Lite released early 2010. Basic integration provided. Teaching groups populated in Moodle 1.9 plus other functionality including the first steps to parental engagement.

  • PaperCut and Timetable Week

    PaperCut and Timetable Week Moodle blocks released.

SchoolsICT Limited was formed in 2009 by Jeremy Meades and Ian Tasker who identified a need for data integration between school Management Information Systems (MIS) such as Capita’s SIMS.Net and Moodle. Both Jeremy and Ian had worked in schools for a number of years and understood the specific needs of schools and their use of data.

Jeremy taught for 13 years at a successful Community Technology College in the south-east of England. The 2009 OfSTED report declared the college ‘Outstanding’ for the third consecutive time. As an Assistant Head at the college, he was responsible for strategic planning of ICT and chaired the school’s New Digital Technologies Group. He also led the use of Moodle.

Ian’s extensive experience of working with ICT in education gives him a unique insight into the needs of schools. His experience extends across the spectrum of education including primary, secondary, academies, sixth form and local authorities. During that time he has focussed upon the implementation of new and evolving strategies and technologies that support learning.